We meet at the Avoncroft Arts Centre every Thursday evening.  The evening is a chance to learn new dances (some simple, some complex) and to improve well known ones.       


 We learn new dances with the help of a caller who teaches us the    moves.  Some people have been dancing for years and are excellent at  helping those who are newer to the art. Sometimes we use CDs,  sometimes a single musician, sometimes a band.

We hold regular Saturday dances where members from other clubs join us. Like on club nights there is a caller to remind us of the moves in the dances. We always have a good band for dances.

Every autumn we hold a Playford Ball.  In the summer we hold a Regency Ball. Some people dress up in period costume to add to the fun of these occasions.

All our dances are based on English traditional dance in its many forms. John Playford is a name which features a lot, the following extract gives some information about him.

A bit about "Playford" 

 In the 1600s English Society got bored with dancing the complicated and difficult-to-learn formal dances (which were very much display dances for couples to show off) and started dancing 'country dances' for light relief. Country dances were the dances done by the country folk and had to be easy because country folk didn't have time to go to lessons, and couldn't read so they couldn't look up the dances in a book. The dancing masters rapidly got in on the act and started inventing more complicated 'country dances'. These compromise dances proved very popular; after all an educated person going to a ball every week or two may well feel a dance simple enough for someone who only goes to a dance once or twice a year is beneath him. In 1651 a music publisher called John Playford published 'The English Dancing Master'. This was a book of brief instructions for a hundred odd such dances. The title was a joke because all the best dancing masters were French. This was taken from the excellent website http://www.srcf.ucam.org/round/playford which is well worth a visit if you want more information.











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